United Trust Van Lines Storage

Sometimes a specialty item needs to be moved such as large, soft items, such as sofas and overstuffed chairs, are shrink-wrapped then stored on custom couch racks. Glass, marble, substantial mirrors, etc., are stored on individual shelves.  We are very proud of our storage unit with over 15 years of experience we have seen it all and can handle it all.


Private Storage Facility

United Trust Van Lines facility is a state of the art warehouse in Texas.  Whether a local or long-distance move, we can help you organize, move, store, and retrieve your items at our facility. United Trust Van Lines storage services provide you with the following:

  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Monthly or Pro-Rated daily VS monthly storage fees.
  • Safety & Secure with alarm, video surveillance, and on-site security.
  • Automatic green paperless bill pay.
  • Special Handling: Glass, Marble, Mirrors, Over-sized items, etc.
  • Each item inventoried by coded serial numbers.
  • Goods stored in palletized vaults (most economical and safest).
  • Palletized vaults are organized by job.

Simplifying Your Moving Needs